Trade & Manufacture

We provide our customers with high quality products through our in-house manufacturing facilities, inter- subsidiaries or external sources by means of integrated coordination with our business partners.

We work for demanding clients who cannot and will not accept anything less than premium quality products.

Precision Machining

MKP collaborates with customers to develop and produce high precision machined parts and manufacturing processes.

We are fully equipped with the technical expertise and finest technology required to manufacture electronic, automotive, and other mechanical components.

Clearoom Inspection Facilities

MKP can accommodate high volume inspection requirements performed by competent inspectors equipped with inspection tools.

We provide our customers a contamination-free-product through the use of our cleanroom facilities from Class 100 to Class 10K suited for highly sensitive technological products and supplies.

Customized Box, Arts & Crafts

MKP hand crafted jewelry boxes, gift boxes, and customized wooden boxes made right here in the Philippines from high quality materials.

MKP customized boxes are known for its unique construction and elegant design.

You are assured that our boxes are of premium quality and workmanship.

Hydroponics System Grow Units

MKP manufactures hydroponics system grow kits suitable for indoor growing of leafy vegetables and herbs.

Equipped with hydroponics cultivating system with nutrient solutions mixture and highly efficient lighting supply designed specifically for the plant’s healthy growth.

Growing fresh vegetables right inside your home with limited area occupied.


Quality Measurement Capabilities

It is essential to us to ensure the production of quality products.

Tests for quality assurance are obtained through the use of state-of-the-art measuring machines and equipment's to provide stable performance to our customers with consistent reliability.

MKP ensures the quality of products obtained through the use of accurate and reliable quality measuring machines and equipment's resulting to greater uniformity and productivity.

Chemical Analysis

MKP provides chemical analysis for products that pertains to its particle counts, ion content and outgases.

With our well-maintained equipments and qualified analyst, we are able to conduct analyses such as Liquid Particle Count, Ion Chromatography and Gas Chromatography with Mass Spectrometry with high confidence and reliable results.

Machineries & Equipments

Machine Type Model / Maker Common Use / Description Qty
CNC Lathe Machine VLG-18 / Tsugami CNC Vertical Lathe Precision 6
BO-18-111 / Tsugami CNC Horizontal Lathe Precision 2
GN3200 Miyano / CITIZEN CNC High Precision Lathe Machine 2
Machining Center VMA Series / Tsugami CNC Vertical Type Milling Precision 6
General Lathe / Milling KSJP55 / Makino General Purpose Lathe / Milling 1
Conventional Lathe Machine TSL-550 / Takisawa For Machine Shop 1
MH-2V / OKK For Machine Shop 1
Grinding Machine PSC52AN / Okamoto Plane Grinding 1
Cutting Machine 245-252 / HEIWA Fine cutting machine 2
Beaver 6F / Asada bandsaw machine 1
UE-712A / Taiwan 7" metal cutting band saw 1
ML-750 / WENZHOU HUAMING MACHINERY CO., LTD. Creasing and Cutting machine 1
Washing Machine Vonovo-M1 / Field Multi-stage Vacuum Washing 1
YWA-1000V / Sakura Multi-stage Ultrasonic Washing 1
Oven JMB33 DPN / Kato Annealing 1
Measuring Instruments CMM / Tokyo Seimitsu Coordinate Measuring Machine 1
Nexiv VMR3020 / Nikon 3D Non-Contact Measuring Instrument 1
1700DX / Tokyo Seimitsu Contour Measuring Instrument 1
Surfcom 480A / Tokyo Seimitsu Surface Measuring Instrument 1
Rondcom 30D / Tokyo Seimitsu Roundness Measuring Instrument 1
TUM 170ESN / Topcon Measuring Microscope 1
Injection Machine S-2000i 15 / FANUC Electric Injection Molding Machine 3
Oven Dryer PV-221 / ESPEC Standard Industrial Oven Vertical type 2
MJ3-15A-OM / MATSUI Dehumidifier / Desiccant Dryer 1
Washing Machine RACS-1853 / JKS Multiple Robotics Arm Acqueous cleaning System with indexing oven dryer – 1853 1
Measuring Instrument TF-10 / Mitutoyo Measuring microscope 1
QS 250Z3R / Mitutoyo Vision Measuring Microscope 1